Team building Málaga is a much misused term. It is important to define what we mean by team building!

Getting together for a picnic could be considered team building, but to us it means making a profound change in how we interact at work. We are speaking of much more than mere afternoon BBQs. 

Mainly we us exercises such as low ropes, high ropes and rhythm sessions. With this type of exercises we help push people out of their comfort zone to see how they react. And how they try to overcome their own limitations. At the same time we get a chance to evaluate the team backing up the individual.

We can also help you with the psychologists (trainers) in several languages. Our own staff also have the basic knowledge to lead clients into discussions on how and why the result came out as it did.

Example of team building malaga, the Treasure hunt is a good way for the group to get to know a town or village.

Participants are divided into smaller groups which are given road books. With signs (directions, distances, references, etc.) and they will have to find certain places in the city (historical buildings, monuments, picturesque places, etc.). Some activities will be specified tasks indicated in puns, or riddles, or they may have to count the steps, answer questions etc. etc… When all the clues have been solved the group should be able to arrive at a certain point in the city. Our latest innovation in this event is the option of using GPS instruments (global positioning system)